Tuesday, 25 August 2009

spectral empire

softmachines brother george and brother kyle have been ploughing a distinct dark path recently as SPECTRAL EMPIRE on the very very heavy THIS IS NOT AN EXIT record label.
analogue growls, metallic pulses and echoing corridors soundtrack the celluloid bloodfest that Dario Argento never got to make.
george is also in the lab as SAUDI AIR BANDIT approaching similar destinations with the outer most lying waves of kraut,dubstep,industrial and even disco but reaching out from altogether more moodier depths.. more of a dalston bounce to the darkness, shall i say?

2 12"s out so far.. the newest is out now!
darkly funky gothic electronic slow motion grooves and chateau flight remix to boot!

testing.. testing.. 1,2,3!

brought to you in association with TOPY, JADOWROSKY and RAY KURZWEIL

Creamy meat - august part1 by el jeffe

tracks incude...

a mountain of one
chin chin
djuma soundsystem
doug carn
fabrice lig
foolish & sly
lcd soundsystem
level 42
trio exklusiv
lift boys

Creamy meat - august part2 by el jeffe

tracks include...

buffalo daughter
glass candy
lonnie liston smith
luiz bonifa
wally badarou
mystical beasts
wardell piper

Creamy meat - august part3 by el jeffe

tracks include...
dj pope
sunburst band
jupiter black
mi ami
rolling stones
weapon of peace
weather report

3 hours of random selections assembled with love by me for y'all.
this is the innaugral creamy meat radio session.. fill your boots!! :)

Thursday, 20 August 2009


making doing seeing
feeling touching
exploring tasting
leaving watching
thinking moving

to make is all we can do
doing is what, in the end, we are good at
seeing is what one can only hope to do
feeling is how it gets better
touching is how we connect
exploring is the length we will go
tasting is the beginning of sharing
leaving is what we all do
watching is the way to growth
thinking enables movement

Monday, 17 August 2009

Champion Doug Veitch - Not the Heart

scottish country with mad professor at the controls.
ladies and gentlemen i give you ...
Champion Doug Veitch and "not the heart"!

Friday, 14 August 2009