Saturday, 20 August 2011

life is easy but needs earthing

a selection taken from the chaos that is my records at the moment.. they are on the floor, on shelves, in sleeves and out of sleeves, stacked together plastic to plastic, groove to groove.
got ANOTHER new soundcloud account
fixed my record players again (we are now in mad max territory for these troopers)...
   an easy life by easy now
neon waters - doruk ozlen tribal winds 2002
past and present days - frankie valentine sunshine enterprises 2002
aja majl - ustad sultan khan raimo symphonies 2005
dummer camping - erobique acid jazz 1999
larry heard - missing you (son dexter django version) track mode 2000
crue-l grand orchestra - still be your girl (night dubbing feeling part2) crue-l recordings 1997
phil collins - im not moving virgin 1981
fugitive vesco - fist of facts Helvete Underground Records 1988
RĂ¥ Energi (tiaz reconstruction) lugnet 2009
ub40 - nokomo a go go DEP 1984
family - coast to coast electrik soul 1995
rob mello and zaki d - untiled b luxury service 1996
instant house - dub house natural resource 2002
coca sunshine - baikonour melodic 2002

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

drums always save the day

the other RATCLIFFE things on ATLANTIC JAXX are dope too.....
vut the drums on this are wonderful..