Saturday, 21 August 2010

texture of en(n)ui

Recently via the wonderful, wierd world of twitter i connected with
Tracie Stefansson aka traiskin, you can check her graceful multi
layered tunage here.
Last week Tracie tweeted that she needed a theme for a series she
was doing and i sugested "the texture of ennui".
I'd remembered this phrase from an interview with arch capitalist and
commercial artist damien hirst that id seen years ago.. it had always
stuck with me - how we immerse ourselves in boredom sometimes,
we explore and even celebrate the minutae of inactivity.
When our days are not taken up by tasks, we tend to drift, wander,
observe the macro closeups of the everyday.
here is a selection blended to reflect those sixteen images with an
introduction from the mighty leonard cohen.
you can also check her photographs in all their individual beauty

neil ardley - soft stillness and the light
gabriel roth and the mirrors - aquifier
dj food -the dawn
love & rockets - saudade
chari chari - aurora
david sylvian - a bird of prey vanishes into a bright blue cloudless sky
dan lissvik - 7 trxintermission
frankie valentine - tears from the maidens tower
john martyn - glistening glyndebourne
deodato - pavane for a dead princess
robert fripp - cathedral of tears
delta saxophone quartet - floating world
daniel lanois - telco
 ... and you will know us by the trail of the dead
      - it was there that i saw you
telefon tel aviv - i lied
alice coltrane - om supreme