Monday, 22 March 2010

the true wheel by brian eno

I find myself going back to this track, again and again purely based on it's total aceness!
here's a great fan vid..

.. goes well with x-ray spex, magma, theatre of hate, rip rig & panic and tracks by other people who really looked like they were enjoying the process.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

matt deepsoul3 and molly's jubilee hall - new chapter of the troubadour


here we have a lovely fella and one of the nicest men in showbiz. Matt is fabulous dresser and like me, he has an active interest in facial topiery. But we are here to check out his great taste in records and his knack of creating atmosphere. As part of deepsoul3 with chris (M.I.A?) he was an early web prescence with their website and guest mixes and when me and george did some parties with them we got on like houses on fire..

a fine fella. ive cheekily nabbed this from matts soundcloud page, so it's more of a hijack than a guest mix.
this is a great slice of classy smoothness moving from light latin guitar into the realms of the cosmic.. some usual suspects rear their head along with stone cold classic slow funks.. goes great with friends, sunday roast and a bottle or 3 of pinot noir..
Mr Mollicone i salute you and your moustache!
get this on the pod and share, in preparation for the much needed summer.
Jose Feliciano - Wichita Lineman
Payola$ - Eyes of a stranger
Roxy Music - India
Peter Green - Just for you
Smith & Mudd - My Hill
Sky - Westway
Radiohead - Reckoner (Johnny Miller rmx)
Tycho - Coastal brake
Rondo Veneziano - La Serenissima
Claude Francois - Soudain Il Ne Reste Qu'Une Chanson
Findlay Brown - Stallion Suite
Bravo - Touch me now
Johnny Chingas - Phone Home (Inst)
Moton - My Guide
Johnny Bristol - Love no longer has a hold on me

Saturday, 13 March 2010

two parts of a pale curve


been recording records a lot this week, my ipod is sighing with relief after i fixed the record players. this means i am getting some more diskspace..actually its getting a bit william gibson in our front room at the moment which has been augmented by obsessive moments reading articles from transhumanists and videos of the  perfect family that is the the shaytards and wondering if i shouldn't just bite the bullet and wave ta ta to the vinyl once and for all. encoding everything and edging ever further to becoming a fullydigital human.. just need to get rid of the books and get an interactive white board like we use at school and thats it..

this selection looks at the old and the new and finds wierdness, funny and the swing.
format bending courtesy of martin ansell, ash ra tempel, bloomfield kooper and stills, bo hansson, edwin birdsong, hugh hopper and alan gowen, jc barreto golf channeled, peter gabriel and the very heavy soft machine.

download here



Sunday, 7 March 2010

long term thinking

just watch this..

ive been reading sooo much about this.. and other like minded
heavyweight tomes over the last month that i actually threw
part of my cognitive mind up last sunday evening...
amazing stuff! where's 6 when i need him to quantify a few tings? :)
on a sartorial note ENO owns that "black velvet jacket over blue linen shirt thing"
... just like he owned the "bobby charlton extreme mullet, blue eyeshadow and silver strides look" way back then..