Saturday, 26 September 2009

larkin grimm

so completely and utterly up my strasse...

.. she rules!

Monday, 21 September 2009

longing for the future

  Longing for the future  by  creamedmeat

My daughter got caught in the head by a yellow flying toy chair this morning at nursery. I went down to give her a cuddle. She had already had a little cry but was now putting on a brave face. A great big grey lump with a bloody imprint of the said chairs leg was standing out from her forehead. The other kid didnt mean it.. at 4 why would they? He wanted to join in but there was a communication break-down. She said that he had said sorry and I was really proud of her for being understanding and tough at the same time. She can multi-task already.

We leave children behind at some point. We go our seperate ways. Maybe if we hung around? We could share in the future with them.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

feel this

  your current cultural composers suggest rare
   euro funks rarer electronic pop from charts
   long forgotten blended with post modern
   theories regarding what goes around comes 
   around and that rearrangement is the finest form
   of flattery. 
   it is true that some seams of boogie remain
   untapped and not everything forgotten actually 
   means its worthless.
   it is definately a worthwhile task to continue to 
   search, find and recontectulize.
   FEEL THIS... 

Monday, 14 September 2009

6 chin wonders and his whatyouwant radio show

the mighty 6 chin wonders has graciously given over most of his show
whatyouwant radio to a team yours special...
we is now pan european!!

lord dommamu & fab brown came round to my luxurious
east london penthouse (my council flat in hackney)
and selected tunes based on the visual quality of the
record sleeve..
it ended up sounding like this...

this is the result

kinda progressive in a cheesy balearic kind of way!!

remember to subscribe and listen to the very lovely
6 chin wonders, on his previous shows broadcasted from
his top secret bunker buried beneath the european
parliament in the hague..
as they rule.. loads!!! :)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

association of autonomous astronauts

muir woods shuttle

i am sitting at the back of the bus,
headphones on, plugged into the
sounds of random FM..
frisco is on my mind
and in my immediate
future but before
that there is
muir woods..