Wednesday, 9 February 2011

On the hill - a Brian G Morrison selection

download here

Thought i'd bypass January as it sucked.. but for those who care about these things happy new year and all that :)
Part of my new fitness regime is to get this blog updated on a much more regular basis - hopefully!
So for starters here is a super ace late night selection of recent acquisitions, old favourites & lost nuggets from special needs main man, Mr Bobby Hands aka phonica records disco sasquatch Brian Morrison.
This has classic sunset gear gently kneeded into arabic grooves and other funks.
The B word must be utalised here as genres have been gratefully ignored, thus providing me with much fun as i traveled the regents canal today on foot towards an appointment with my trick cyclist.
I know the tracks but mr hands has supplied an altenative listing which is far more fun.
enjoy :)

greek stag - naughty intro
winking krat - under the patio
hardware abuser - desert vibes
children of the gods - draughty
whats her name? - primal rhythm
swedes undercover - plucking
afro friends - dont fall in
mid price soldier - melt up
blind mans wife - sought after
well dressed couple - balham charity shop joint
not kiss - freddies alternative version
whisky breath - some old song
legendary knob twiddler - outro


  1. Looking forward to listening to this.

    Could you identify this track (it's taken from the "return to tranquility" mix you did a while back)... i uploaded a snippet of that track to soundcloud:

    I'd be really grateful if you told me the artist + the name of the track. Merci d'avance


  2. hahaha
    gossip queen
    drear one kc

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