Thursday, 29 July 2010

endless sea

oooooooh been a crazy coupla months...
but here is a selection to bring us back to earth
chilled and mildly psychedelic, with a chewy, heavy bit
somewhere on the other side of the middle.
featuring the stylings of kaki king, john grant & midlake
iggy pop, can, steve reich, dif juz, chic, rene & angela
key matic, kreidler, bix, irresistable force
matias aguayo, robert hood, bobby konders, man parrish
wagon christ, super numeri, ronny & renzo, bella vista
sunbear, santana, working week & the very mighty
yellow magic orchestra.
was thinking about venturing back to soundcloud with their
groovy wave form player, but this selection checks in at over
2 hours and i don't want to edit it down and i have 4
different soundcloud accounts (???) and will definately
get gonna stick with my little player and link
setup for a while longer.. hope thats ok?


  1. This is so dope, my ears are going to spontaneously combust..what's that mental track 55 minutes?

  2. yes please. bk i blighty yr royal badness, will bell ya - la Duchamp n kisses for lil jah

  3. Cool so far.. i needed that.. TraiSkin at Twitter.