Wednesday, 15 September 2010

evening tune #2 George Duke - Northbeach

This AMAZING tune popped up on my radar when MOTON records put out a version as their 2nd release way back. This version had a massive back beat added for the A side, but it was the wacked out, synth laden B side, that smashed it for me. Anything that said "percussion by Harvey" would be purchased (2 copies) and i thought that all those aggresive synth washes had to be added extras from the cult leader himself as well as the drums.. Oh those drums!! :)

But I was sort of wrong. Yes there was extra production.. Yes there was extra drums.. but it was all George.. and the LP had to be had!
You have to love the fusion, but there is literally SO much that if you are a broad eared soul like myself then LP's will always be missed :) 

There are other tracks by the former Zappa keys man, that deliver black science fiction but this long player is an absolute must, and just edges out everything elseof his  for total moodiness :)
To hear this record over a very decent soundsystem, piss loud is one of lifes pleasures - believe!
So here's the cut - minus the extra hairy, drugged fueled percussion!
Proper futuristic ambient jazz bizniz!

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  1. amazing.... especially when you consider when this came out.