Tuesday, 21 September 2010

evening tune #7 Frankie Valentine - Lepidoptera

Frankie is a hard man to pin down.. is he about drums, percusion and ambience or is he about driving densely layered peak time house music? A Londoner that very rarely plays records in his own city, yet can ram out the mighty Precious Hall in Sapporo and have 1000 punters all wearing cut out frankie valentine masks in tribute (not really,but iv'e always loved the idea) This fella cut his teeth in the soundsysem culture of london in the 70's and 80's and was leading the uk underground rave charge by the end of that decade, yet he was NEVER on the front cover of Muzik or DJ (even though he's definately got the moves and canrock some fine publicity shots). His recorded output is heavyweight with amazing tracks on Balance, Trackmode and Auto. But his relationship with Austrias Sunshine Enterprises, is where his trademark super organic, live house, brazilian rubbed and uber deep sound has evolved. His 1st lp with them is amazing but his 2nd LP (from which this track is taken), WORLD OF WHAT is a long player of outstanding broadness along with a set of covers by our boy DANNY SANGRA and sleeve notes by the mysterious MAGUS (myself and the dread dommamu), that could have bridged that gap into mainstream play. Every track on this lp is ace, but i thought id go for this chilled, string laden soundtracky corker with beautiful tight drums and a distinct oriental feel to let you in on Mr Valentines distinct audio world.

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  1. yessir forgot q how sick this is!!.....saw FV in Berwick Street couple a weeks ago, apparently he's workin on a live thing: psych rock v stepney/phil upchurch n vocals biniss!! grip yr seat white knucklz style while we wait for that ish