Thursday, 28 October 2010

oh my lord part 3

Another slice of audio sponge cake with modern blues plus jazzual snares from
MYTHMATICA, followed by a stone cold wierdo classic from the addled minds of HAWKWIND.
12" island electronic jazz funk rareness from the forever young STEVIE WINWOOD into conceptual hiphop in the form of BLOCKHEAD. French cutup coolness from LA FUNK MOB is followed by an example of the modern feeling and LA RAMBLA PERVERSION.
MANNED MISSILES is part of an amazing EP of cutup funk, which also features a corker
from nudisco prince Tal M Klein.
Deepness from sunny Poland and ELTRON JOHN and into the final stretch with this
track from ARTS and CRAFT is featured on the new Walter Gibbons comp,'jungle sounds'
and there is comes with a deep and driven Gibbons remix, here it's more rough and ready and we finish this selection with a barmy record from the 70's,
ADMIRAL FREEBEE which has been sonically overhauled by our favourite cult leader
and freshly greencarded Harvey Bassett.
I'm thinking im gonna start doing these selections like radio shows from now on..
with sparkling banter and all that guff.

download here

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  1. if i'm a prince, does anthony get to be a queen? just askin! btw, 250 miles of bad road is still one of my favorite tunes.