Friday, 26 November 2010

condensed energy

as bill hicks once said. "..let there be HOUSE."

download here

emmanuel jar, rise ashen, glenn undergound, woolfy, frisvold & lindbaek, mark e, 1 room apartment, king sporty, steely dan, noel pointer and the mighty bill hicks :)


  1. great stuff, as usual

    could you post the exact track names?

  2. hea thats nice cheers :)
    so it rolls like this...
    emmanuel jar - juar (olof dreijer remix)
    rise ashen - second wind
    glen underound - fuego de sangre
    woolfy - looking glass (foolish felix remix)
    frisvold lindbaek - bozak
    mark e - nobody else
    1 room apartment - dont stop the dub
    king sporty - fire keep burning
    steely dan - green earring
    noel pointer - night song

  3. muchas gracias

    I gotta get my hands on that Album by Noel Pointer and the Glenn Underground 12" that has 'Fuego De Sangre'

  4. the noel pointer lp is great.. definately on the smoother end of the Luc Ponty tip :)
    got most time for glenn croker always.. tend to go for those moog soaked deep ones but there are a few of the more beat driven tracks that get me like this one..

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