Sunday, 18 October 2009

Mathilde Santing does Japan

Remember Mathilde Santing? back in the hazy dazy 80's
she was a bit of a dyke icon for the girls in my 6th form..
beautiful in a healthy go go's era belinda carlisle kind
of way.. super sharp white blond flat top, manly figure..
wonderful voice tinged with that 100 fags a day torch
song burr.
Anyway, today Balearic Mike informed the world that
winter was coming, (i think thats because he hasn't got
over his tour of california, that hot baking pacific tinged
sun that we vaguely know about from the telly and
beach boys songs) and posted up the magnifcent
"ghosts" by JAPAN (thats a whole other post on it's own!)
well ive been listening recently to Ms Santings last lp and
she does a corking cover of said ambient classic..
and here it is for you as well.

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