Tuesday, 20 October 2009

yard tales #2

the first track that made this selection is from this Amiina long player. Ever since watching the sigur ros film,
iv'e been obsessed with this wonderful string section. Amiina offer an even more distilled audio viewpoint from our favourite alien icelandic landscape.. adding brassbands and some deep deep love.
I got rid of a load of lp's in the summer and blindly recorded this  Thomas Dolby one for the harddrive..I had a listen and was instantly transported to an earlier time in my life when i was dazzled by his lab technician stylings.. magical magical stuff indeed.
I was introduced to Ass by Domammu and Fab Brown. Their amazing cover of John Carpenters "Escape from new york" is superb! ..but the other lps rule also check them..now!
Brazilian legend Caetano Veleso can move from ballads to funk with ease but its here, where his smooth vocals and lazy drums do it the most for me. Iv'e been diggin these deeply undercover lps from Liquid Liquids
Dennis Young for time.. he has no respect for groove or swing yet every time you find yourself checking his beats..people must check this blinding 12"..
Strut dig up all kinds of interesting stuff, things you dont know, things you've heard of but never checked and things that are downright super famous..it's all about the context.. punkfunk nearly there's and pop group descendants Maximum Joy being something that i knew from the first time round, re contextulized have got me digging at my mums house for my shriekback 12"s and dick'o dell productions..i might even get me a flat top...
Scientist.. classic legendary friday night youth club dub.. when we used to drool over the whacked out cartoon covers..killer! Killer lovers rock one hit wonder John Kipaye out does the Mac at their own game..
makes me think of that reggae version of the coronation street theme.
Big tune of the year.. super slow chunky parrish italian belter Cosmic Metal Mother flows into remixer/cosmic house flavour of 2009 The Revenge staring as 6th Borough Project.. brill!
The final 2 for this selection.. and my new favourite yankee noisenik hippies Black Moth Super Rainbow.. like Gong on angel dust and to finish australian goatee beard wearer and zelig stylecultural leader the mighty Daevid Allen.. the title track from this wonderful wonderul wonderful lp tells it like it is.... regarde!

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  1. love your selection nice flow.
    the oponing track is one of my favorites
    vags plaidmusic