Saturday, 18 September 2010

evening tune #4 Bert Jansch - Life depends on love

Bert Jansch hasn't been well :( let's all send out, our pschic love
and respect out to this man!
One of those guitarists thats spoken about in hushed reverent tones
like John Williams, Richard Thompson, John Renborn, the forever
mighty John Martyn etc.
Iv'e seen Jansch play many times and it's all about subtle stylings
wierd chordings and nifty picking.. He was in Pentangle :)
But we are not here tonight to bang on about balearic folk noodling
we are here to check this track from his first LP - Nicola.

Life depends on love is one of those end of night tunes.. uplifting...
almost northern soul in it's leanings and so very very ace, in these
rather fucked up troubled times.. listen to this and smile, i do.. Often!

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