Thursday, 16 September 2010

evening tune #3 The Pop Group - 11 3 38

The Pop Group have reformed.
OK.. well im not sure what I think of this..The middle aged singer of this
band was always and still is a inspired gobshite :)
Reading some stuff Mark Stewart has said recently, i'm of the opinion,
that the smell of money and oppotunity are in the air.
This group splintered into my all time favourite band and influenced the sound
and mix of my life:) punkfunk, squatjazz, 23 skidoo - blah blah blah, yadda :)

"Y" is one of those lp's that when it came out blew my mind.. angular funk, dub, politics and
the distinct taint of punk. It was like all my pre teenage musical fantasys were there.
Coming from the inner city oasis that was Hackney, Bristol seemed to have that
similar mix. Now all the books have been written and the articles have been read, we know
that they are same place - mind, body, spirit and attitude.
This track is another one of those genius studio creations from the weed addled and uniquely black
british dub fingers, of Dennis Bovell.

Only he could see between the spaces, of this bands groove and plug the gaps with dub pollyfiller.
LOUD, this tune makes you dance and say to yourself WTF?? just as all great tunes should.
And it sounds backwards :)

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